Dr. Yael Respler is a privately practicing orthodox Jewish therapist and recognized expert in the areas of family, marital, and intimate relationship issues. In addition to over 20 years in private practice, Dr. Respler is a columnist for The Jewish Press and a summer radio host with Thunder 102.1 in the Catskill Mountains. Dr. Yael Respler has built a reputation for authority in her field, and individuals in New York and beyond seek her knowledge.

Dr. Yael Respler focuses her practice and public presence on the health of relationships. She facilitates Shalom Bayis, or Marital Harmony groups for married women, and she conducts extensive marital and pre-marital therapy in her private practice. Dr. Respler’s commitment to relationships also extends to parenting issues, and she has produced two videos and an audiocassette for Creative Jewish Parenting.

In her Dear Dr. Yael column, Dr. Yael Respler answers questions from readers of The Jewish Press relating to family, marital, and dating issues. Readers trust her caring approach and insights. Dr. Respler also communicates on personal relationship issues through her public speaking engagements, which she has conducted extensively throughout the United States as well as Canada and Switzerland.

In Dr. Yael Respler’s thriving private practice in Brooklyn, New York, she works one-on-one with clients on issues related to marital, dating, and family relationships. She also utilizes her training in cognitive-behavioral therapy and her role as a Registered Hypnotist to assist people with issues such as weight loss, anger management, smoking cessation, and phobias.

Having received a PhD in Psychology and special training in marital therapy, Dr. Respler focuses on healing the intimate relationship. She is committed to her clients as well as the public, and she continues to speak actively on her subjects of expertise.